10. Strategies of new product due to the methodological approach

Strategies of a new product are the intentional ways of providing the ability to design, develop and introduce new products to the market. Block diagram is shown on chart. Among the company’s strategy, its market situation and the choice of methods, there is dependency. The project team responsible for the introduction of new products should be familiar with all the determinants that may influence the decision.

The criteria that ought to be considered when choosing a methodological basis for project teams, the pattern of exploration, the current portfolio of products, design and manufacturing capabilities and previous experience of the company.

Due to the methodological approach incremental method and strategies of ideal solution are distinguished. Incremental strategy is to look for opportunities to improve the existing products. Strategy of ideal solution is to determine the characteristics of an ideal product to be designed and developed, the possibilities verification of its implementation and development of the real and good product in terms of its quality. Incremental strategy is currently more common on the market due to a lower risk of new product non-acceptance.

Products that are designed this way often have earlier features that customers already know very well. Search strategy of ideal solution contributes to the emergence of innovative products.

This solution is effective when designing a new product in the products’ portfolio of the company. Diagnosis of desirable features, the adoption of appropriate criteria and interesting concepts can contribute to the creation of the object that diversifies its offer with benefit for the company.


Chart no. 11 Strategies of new product due to the methodological approach