11. Strategies of the new product due to the search pattern

Due to the pattern search, strategies for determining, evaluation of a new product individual solutions and strategies for determining the set of new product feasible solutions are distinguished. The determination strategies and evaluation of individual solutions is also called new product development by analysis.

This strategy is also used in the methods’ absence of determining the sets of competent solutions to the new product, and if the project team has limited resources. However, the strategy of determining the set of new product feasible solutions is considered more advantageous from the new product development process viewpoint.

This strategy allows for obtaining the optimal new product optimal when viewing the full set of possible solutions or solutions close to optimal when evaluated solution set is large, but not complete. During the NPD process strategies are often linked, changed and they create combinations depending on market changes and the effects they bring.

A variation of this strategy is the mathematical programming that allows one to obtain an optimal solution based on a formal model, which is a mathematical model.

There are a number of systematic approaches that focus on managing an enterprise in the process of formation, selection and implementation of the development strategy. Selection of a certain new product strategy variant depends on the propensity to adopt development strategies, the market saturation degree of the product, the possibility of new products introduction by the company, the restrictions, the intensity of changes in the environment.