14. Range of competitive advantage

Competitive advantage can be also the criterion of the NPD strategy. We distinguish the following types:

  • offensive strategy (innovator),
  • defensive strategy (follower),
  • imitating strategy,
  • traditional strategy,
  • niche strategy.

The choice of T. Jones strategy of division determines the following, connected with NPD, actions and allows for a consistent management of such areas as: the methodology, the examination pattern or even the production of goods, financial analysis and the choice of distribution channel.

Deciding on the strategy accelerates the organization and also facilitates the diversification of the subsequent actions. This decision, moreover, may be the starting point for the products designing. When the enterprise determines the strategy for competitive advantage, i.e. selection of the specialized market that requires specific treatment and satisfying the needs, then the designing team will employ varying model than in case of the offensive (innovator) strategy.