19. The control market tests

Stage, during which the final decisions are taken and the effect of them is the introduction of a new product on the market, is called commercialization.

One of its constituent activities in addition to choice of product positioning strategy and making decisions concerning marketing programs is to assess the control market tests.

The tests are the last stage of commercialization and decisions after their execution, prepare solutions implemented in stages of introducing to the market.

Control market tests are intended to provide answers if it is worth introducing a designed product to the market. Another task is to get the buyers’ opinions on the usefulness and usability degree. The study includes typical marketing tests treated as controlled experiments carried out on a limited or specially selected part of the market. In carrying them out, all external elements that may affect the answers provided by the examined person ought to be minimized. While designing them it should be exactly established what information the company needs and how the outcome will affect individual choices. The scope of their execution in terms of the entity, time and space ought to be determined in detail.

Questions should be consistent with previous assumptions so that answers could provide the desired information. It is all about getting the forecasts of market position, behaviors and attitudes of consumers towards the product, solutions on marketing programs or the reaction of traders as these figures can greatly serve to predict the expected sales or revenues and evaluation of the solutions’ relevance.

Selecting a group of people, on which the tests are about to be carried out, should be a representation of the company’s customers and to take into account factors such as the geographical structure, the level of purchasing power, the structure of household expenditures. If it is the survey, the information needs that will help them launch and manage the product ought to be consulted.

One can also test a number of marketing variables such as: packaging, price, promotion price instruments, locations on the shelf or possible level of cannibalism. Although these tests can be very useful for making decisions by managers their shortcomings are often indicated, as artifice resulting from the absence of the actual conditions of purchase, and thus the inadequacy of the purchasing process.

Undoubtedly, it is mentioning that advantage is to obtain data so that you can make the further results projections of the product introduction, predict customer reactions, attitude to purchase. It is also important to get the significance of individual promotion-mix instruments for the client. Thanks to this information, one can effectively select the appropriate strategy to introduce the product.

The results should made ​​the managers aware of what they can expect from the new product and how to plan its introduction. Test results should guarantee obtaining information about adapting the products and data that are expected to contribute to the decision of investing continuation in the product or the conscious abandonment of further steps.