2. General work’s scope of technical production’s preparation

The process of technical preparation of product creation is a typical multi-parametric, deliberately targeted, scantly-structured, complex system with strong influences of stochastic factors (random). Below chart shows technical preparation of production scheme.

In the early stages of the technical preparation of production the primary task is to ensure the achievements of certain product parameters, and the next- the choice of options and optimization of technological processes. A characteristic feature of technical preparation of production is large variety of opportunities to achieve goals, and their implementation requires the establishment of specific steps and actions. The scope of pre-production (according to the design phases) includes:

  • research and studies (construction analysis, technologies and markets),
  • structural preparation (variants design of the product structure),
  • technological preparation (technological processes design of processing and installation),
  • organizational preparation (development of the production process in terms of the methods of execution, organizational forms, pace and rhythm of work, duration of working time, etc),
  • start of mass production,
  • operating preparation (customer service),
  • elimination of product production.

General scheme of the preparation of manufacture of the product

Technical preparation of production is team work related to the design and introduction of new ones and improvement of existing product designs, design and introduction of technological processes and technological instrumentation and technical production support. Tasks associated with the preparation of manufacture of the product include:

  • accumulation of capital and financing of the project,
  • forecasting and strategic planning,
  • product design (structural product production),
  • the process design, manufacturing system, production capacity,
  • project location, layout of machines and energy networks, architectural and structural projects (investment production preparation),
  • preparation of the production factors of and the training of staff.

The main task of technical production preparation is to develop a standard product and complete all the elements of generative and exploitative activity, organize and run the business and to ensure the achievement of all the parameters established in the technical and organizational documentation.

Another important function of this stage is to ensure design manufacturability, which is a measure of the construction adaptation of the product to the optimal conditions for its production. The product can be described as technological, if the cost-effective process of its manufacturing or assembling is guaranteed.

The most efficient and rational way to achieve design manufacturability provide standardization and typification.

The concept of new product occurs most often on the basis of needs recognition arising from the market research in organizational unit in the company responsible for research and development.

In order to implement it, the realization of the following aspects is necessary:

  • provide initial product concept to determine the conditions for research and development unit in order to determine the necessary technical conditions,
  • the product design, its components and assemblies, implemented in the field of structural production preparation and the applied materials,
  • prototype realization (or test series) whose purpose is to check (verification) structural solutions correctness,
  • if the result of prototype research or tentative series of a product are positive, the technological and organizational phase of production preparation begins in which production technologies and montage are designed and the organization of their course is determined,
  • start of mass production is preceded by a tentative series (or informational),
  • simulation of lines work and production work centre, production possibilities analysis in conjunction with production costs, quality and modernity of the product and the manufacturing process,
  • start of mass good production and their sale,
  • organized system of distribution and customer service on the assumption that there is efficient marketing activity, integrating the entire production process.