4. Technological preparation of production

Technological preparation of production follows the preparation of construction and represents the next major phase of the technical production preparation and was shown in below chart. Technological preparation of production is closely related to the preparation of construction and requires good collaboration between the designer and technologist when deciding on the variant choice of the design solution of certain good.

The basic tasks of the product’s technological manufacture preparation, implemented in the technology department of the company are as follows:

  • detailed analysis of the product design  manufacturability and its parts,
  • elaboration (planning and design) and the introduction of treatment technological processes and assembly of subassemblies, assemblies and complete products,
  • improvement of processing and installation’s technological processes,
  • determination self-production and co-operation’s of the scope ,
  • design and adaptation, and typing and normalization of workshop assistance and special  equipment,
  • preparation of own product manufacture’s preliminary costing,
  • elaboration of changes or the introduction of new production methods,
  • elaboration of technical documentation.

Chart: Phase scheme technological preparation of production

In the technological preparation of production works related current operations described above, and to the search for technological solutions planned in the long term.

Prospective technological manufacture preparation of the product include as follows:

  • preliminary studies,
  • studies on the use of the license and patents,
  • development of  concept of the new technological product process.

Appropriate technological preparation of production refers to such tasks as:

  • technological work-research,
  • technological – organizational preparation for the start of production,
  • technical supervision of industrial production launching,
  • technological support of current production and operation,
  • preparation of technological documentation.