8. Streams of information in the process of new product development

Every organization is a system that processes data and information. The development process of a new product depends on the provided data and the extent of their use. The main sources of data needed to guide the product development process include:

  • the marketing department,
  • logistics department,
  • research and development sector,
  • experts, scientists,
  • production department,
  • department of technology,
  • the finance department,
  • customers (voice of market),
  • competition,
  • suppliers,
  • other participants who are involved in the activities of the company.

These data should be read and interpreted in terms of the process specification. It may lead to the situation that there will be too many of data to make a proper interpretation. The appropriate hierarchies should be given to them and organize in such a way as to be able to use them for the necessary processes and be able to refer to them when making decisions.

Not only sources but also processing information is important. In the literature one can find two important, mutually interpenetrating range of activities related to the processing and use of information in the process of developing a new product:

  • technical-logistical flow of information focused on product development:
  • marketing-organizational flow of information focused on the course of PNPD.

The stream of technological and logistical information in various stages of NPD is characterized by repeated determination of the required data and the its corresponding redundancy.